Aqiqah Sesuai Syariat,
berkah, DAN mudah.

28 Berkah Aqiqah mengutamakan aqiqah Kejujuran,
Amanah, dan Profesional. Dengan memilih hewan
sesuai syariat, sehat, dan berkualitas. Sehingga
di percaya untuk menjadi pilihan beraqiqah sekali seumur hidup.


Alasan Kenapa Ayah Bunda Harus Aqiqah di 28 Berkah Aqiqah :

Harga Terjangkau

Harga terjangkau untuk semua kalangan. Kami siapkan 4 pilihan paket aqiqah untuk anda

Pilih Ternak Di Kandang

Kami mengajak Anda memilih dan menentukan sendiri kambing/domba aqiqah di kandang dan kami tawarkan Anda untuk menyembelih sendiri.


Sesuai Syariat

Ternak sehat, umur sudah memenuhi syarat, penyembelihan dengan do’a aqiqah dan direkam untuk Anda. Masakan dijamin insyaAllah enak, empuk dan tidak bau amis/ prengus.

Pengiriman Tepat Waktu

Kami berkomitmen untuk mengantarkan pesanan tiba sebelum waktu yang ditentukan Anda.

Penyaluran ke Yatim dan Dhuafa

Kami memiliki jaringan yayasan dhuafa yang berhak menerima, Anda bebas menentukan yayasan penerima.



Untuk Anda kami berikan bonus : sertifikat, kartu ucapan aqiqah dan souvenir. Anda menginginkan bonus tambahanhubungi kami.

Hubungi Kami

Kenapa Ayah Bunda Beraqiqah ?

“Setiap anak yang lahir, tergadai aqiqahnya yang disembelih pada hari ketujuh, dan pada hari itu ia diberi nama dan digunduli rambutnya.”

(Hadits Sahih Riwayat Ahmad, Abu Daud, Tirmidzi, Nasa’I, Ibnu Majah, Baihaqi dan Hakim)


Aisyah berkata, “Rasulullah Saw pernah beraqiqah untuk Hasan dan Husein pada hari ketujuh…”

(HR. Ibnu Hibban, Hakim dan Baihaqi)



Pemilihan Sendiri Hewan Aqiqah & Melihat Langsung Penyembelihannya di Kandang


Penyembelihan, Pengulitan, Pembersihan dilakukan Secara Syar’i Sesuai Ajaran Islam


Gratis Variasi Masakan Aqiqah Sesuai Selera Anda (Sate / Sate Goreng / Gulai / Tongseng / Kari )


Gratis Antar/Distribusi Masakan Aqiqah ke Panti Asuhan, Anak Yatim, Pesantren.


Sertifikat Aqiqah Diberikan Sebagai Tanda Telah Dilakukan Proses Aqiqah 1x Seumur Hidup

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Ideal 3DS Games

The most effective 3DS video games demonstrate how little powerhouse Nintendo’s portable was, and why it’s still the gaming machine of selection for lots of, despite being officially stopped in 2020.
While the Nintendo 3DS could have been replaced by the Nintendo Switch, the trade in reconditioned cars and trucks and also made use of games is still thriving, so it’s not too late to get a preference of Nintendo’s history through any one of the games listed below. Or just scroll via as well as dive into nostalgia.

The Tale of Zelda: The Link Between Worlds

For numerous gamers, Nintendo followers or otherwise, Super Nintendo’s A Link to the Past holds a special location in their quadrangular hearts. Motivating songs, colorful globes, testing combat and also abundant expedition made Link’s 16-bit launching a timeless classic. Every one of these unforgettable qualities are symbolized in A Link Between Globes on 3DS, which captures the essence of Zelda’s top-down gameplay so magnificently that it’s unsubstantiated. This video game is the best blend of old as well as new, integrating standard styles as well as fresh mechanics to create an extraordinary mobile adventure. Playing 3ds roms for android is akin to returning to places you haven’t visited since childhood, we have all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.
Youthful Web link should occupy his sword as well as shield once more to beat the narcissistic mage Yugu, a villain that accidentally offers Link the ability to blend into the walls in a living painting. The video game will certainly need to use your newfound capability to fix puzzles, overcome dungeons and also collect inspiring items in the kingdoms of Hyrule and also Lorul, the dark dimension of revers and also high problem. From start to finish, A Link Between Worlds is a terrific trip loaded with intense fond memories and exciting originalities.

Fire Symbol: Awakening

Possibilities are the Fire Symbol franchise business means nothing to you. You might have come across your good friends playing it on the NES or Game Young Boy Development, yet never troubled to try it on your own. Then you had a reason: they appeared incredibly complicated, insane niche, and they were tough to enter into. With Fire Emblem: Awakening, you no longer have that reason. While the method RPG retains the very same difficulty degree as previous video games, it comes enough for any person to jump into, and evaluating by the chiseled shoulders of Chrome, you definitely must.
Your mind will be checked on the battleground as you drive out troops as well as outplay your challengers. The ability to integrate personalities for twin strikes raises the calculated bar also greater. These connections in play can be expanded, for instance, in marriage as well as also parenting, which helps solidify an already compelling tale. The awakening is nearly humbling in scope, taking you on a trip covering entire generations. His strategies might not be as polished as in the sequel Fire Emblem: Fates, but Awakening’s story is without an uncertainty better.

Pokemon sunlight and also moon

Pokemon Sunlight & Moon isn’t a clean slate for a 20+ years of age series, but this game is an extremely revitalizing vacation. For each get left – yes, you’re still playing as a novice in town that befriends a Pokémon professor – the Sun as well as Moon reimagine the other. Forget the gradual development of beating the leaders of the gym, currently in the game you go from one challenge to the next, showing not just your ability with Pokémon, yet likewise your regard as well as understanding of the natural world.
Pokemon transferred to a totally 3D visuals design beginning with Pokemon X & Y, yet the Sun as well as Moon were the initial to actually benefit from it thanks to a gridless movement system as well as a video camera that actively revolves to assist you appreciate Hawaii-inspired point of views. You have no concept how, in game, a shot of a stunning beach from a low angle assists to revitalize the dull changes of old paths till you try it yourself.



Dragon Sphere Z Legends

Dragon Ball is one of those series that we just can not obtain enough of, as we’ve seen new anime episodes, adaptations, manga, flicks, and certainly computer game maintain appearing for over three decades. It’s incredible to see what they think of following, specifically in a computer game manuscript. Dragon Ball Z Sagas is a title that abandoned the 1v1 battle and took a much more adventurous approach to the series, as well as personally, I recommend it. Playing retro games is akin to going back to places you haven’t visited since childhood, here: has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.
Adventure awaits
Atari as well as Avalanche Software application collaborated to avoid what we’re made use of to seeing in a lot of Dragon Ballgame as well as turn it right into a journey video game. As with numerous other games based on Dragon Ball Z, the story below begins with Saiyan Saga as well as it will certainly take us via the experience from there.
It interests see just how they handle to create various versions of the same story in many various video games throughout the years. This adventure will take us with all the chapters of the journey as much as the Cell Saga.

Dino Crisis 3

The year is 2548, and the Planet shed contact with Ozymandias of the United Nations over three a century earlier. Presently, a spacecraf instantly shows up near Jupiter, as well as an unique team called S.O.A.R. mosts likely to examine what occurred. As the unique team approaches the ship, the Ozymandias fires as well as blows up the Seyfert, S.O.A.R. vessel.
Sonya Hart, Patrick Tyler, McCoy, as well as Commander Jacob Rashaw are the only survivors of the surge who take care of to slip inside Ozymandias and also find that it is still functioning. Yet unexpectedly they discover a large Aussie, a monster dinosaur that eats McCoy just to be eaten by a group of Rigels, some kind of eel-like animals. The three survivors have to learn if there are various other survivors on the ship while trying to find a way to run away. That’s when they locate a strange woman named Karen Velasquez. From that minute on, whatever develops into a weird series of occasions where they have to deal with these dinosaur-like monsters in an attempt to leave and also discover enigmas.

Steel Slug 3

If in the first component there was not also a tip of a story, then by a significant component the game has obtained nearly a detective swiped. Mystical phenomena take place around the world, happening in a strange-looking environment, individuals in a panic raise bloody riots. But the primary bad guy, General Morgen, is a partnership with the serene Sapsan detachment! An extensive investigation revealed that under the guise of a general, a Martian monster was concealing constantly! Aliens are using brand-new modern technologies to confine the Planet, and the generalized work of the military and also the special team of the battle pressures “Peregrine Falcon” might undergo them. Will they be able to beat the alien invaders?

Gta San Andreas – Super Cars

The whole story remains the exact same and without significant modifications. If somebody has actually not played the GTA collection, it is suggested to attempt the uniqueness with a modification and download and install the GTA San Andreas Super Cars video game by means of torrent, allowing you to offer assistance to the main personality as well as undergo the whole story from starting to finish. The entire gaming background revolves around Carl Johnson. Amongst his good friends, he is nicknamed CJ. An uncommon destiny required him to being in prison. Yet, after leaving, he determines to quit everything as well as go back to Los Santos to begin a brand-new life and also utilize his abilities on the street. Upon arrival, he discovers that a person killed his mom and also after that a series of objectives starts. The lead character is obliged to learn who did it and of what factors. You need to give up a gauged and simple life, due to the fact that constant fights, shootouts as well as chases after will certainly be waiting at every edge. Followers of the video game series will certainly be pleased with such events.

The best Wii games

The very best Wii games stimulate a degree of nostalgia couple of various other consoles are capable of. That’s not to state that previous iterations of PlayStation, Xbox, or any other older hardware doesn’t stir memories of youth and also exhilaration in us, yet the Nintendo Wii was cutting edge in its implementation, it brought gaming to the mainstream, and made playing video games correctly cool for, actually, the first time in living memory. Times have changed but our fondness for old school wii iso download games still remains strong, our site has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions. Calling simply 25 of the very best Wii games, after that, is barely a very easy task however we’ve provided it a celebration just the same. We have actually avoided numerous collection entrances in the following checklist, which covers numerous categories and also intrigues.

Your house of the Dead: Overkill

There have been lightgun-style games for almost as long as there have actually been house video game gaming consoles, however Your house of the Dead: Excessive is quickly among the best in class, not to mention on the Wii. Good antique zombie slaying combined with grindhouse cinema discussion make this a fun (and also funny) title that harmonizes normally with the Wii Remote’s style.

Punch-Out !!

Reboots and also remakes are a difficult service. You want the experience to really feel fresh, however you need to pay regard to what came before. The good news is, Punch-Out !! for the Wii does precisely that, bringing back the evade, evade, punch rhythm that made the original such a classic, and also wrapping it up in a wonderfully stylized package.

Red Steel 2

The initial Red Steel guaranteed us the fantasy of wielding a console controller like a sword, changing us into badass samurai (that likewise possessed guns). But it wasn’t until Red Steel 2 that we ultimately got a feeling of just how utterly cool down that can really feel. With even more elegant visuals and also support for the Wii MotionPlus, Red Steel 2 is among the tightest action games the Wii ever before had.

Dead Room: Removal

Dead Space: Extraction is much more than a haunted shooting gallery, as the discussion, voice acting, as well as outstanding visuals make you feel like a part of the activity. You’re not just moving along with a target reticle blasting grotesque beasts; you are that individual – ducking and also weaving, cussing in shock, shuddering with the guerrilla-style shaky camera that submerses you on the planet like no other game in the style. Like any type of great rollercoaster, Extraction gets your heart auto racing and also adrenaline battering even though you have no control. An intriguing and emotional take on the lightgun scene.

Quiet Hillside: Smashed Memories

It would be simple to neglect Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as a careless Wii remake – all of us know there were plenty of those – however going in with that way of thinking would certainly be a blunder. Actually, it was essentially an original story loosely based upon the initial Silent Hillside, utilizing the franchise business as a system to inform a dark, mature story. Though it did not have many of the traditional Silent Hillside tropes, it came with a couple of methods of its very own, sporting intriguing gameplay that assessed your decisions to ridicule you with details components fit to your playstyle. If that appears odd or psychological, that’s due to the fact that it is. Shattered Memories is a video game every Wii owner should experience.

Calculs pour les meilleurs jeux vidéo DS

Mario Kart DS

Le cinquième jeu vidéo initial de Nintendo a présenté certains des premiers jeux vidéo de la collection à succès pour vous aider à garder une longueur d’avance sur la concurrence. C’était le premier jeu de la franchise permettant aux joueurs du monde entier de s’affronter (bien que ce ne soit pas toujours l’expérience la plus facile). De nouveaux éléments ont été publiés tels que Dancing Bull ainsi que Blueprint, et il existe également de nouveaux modes de combat. Cela entraîne des discussions avec des amis appelés Shane Jogger. Les 16 nouvelles pistes incluent 4 tasses en plus de 16 pistes rétro, y compris des cours classiques des lancements précédents de SNES, N64, GBA et GameCube. Mario Kart DS est entièrement immergé dans le contenu et ne mentionne pas les objectifs uniques et uniques qui prolongent encore plus la durée de vie du jeu. Ajoutez à cela les mécaniques de course rigoureuses qui ont été à l’avant-garde de la série, compte tenu de ce lancement pour la meilleure expérience DS possible. Les temps ont changé mais notre penchant pour les jeux rom nds old school reste toujours fort, notre site a tous les outils dont vous avez besoin pour revivre ces émotions oubliées.

Pokémon noir et blanc

Version de base et Pokémon ne sont généralement pas utilisés ensemble, mais Freak du jeu vidéo a tenté de générer de nombreuses originalités, du moins de la série très réussie. L’introduction d’un tout nouveau mécanicien de combat automatique qui vous permettra certainement de détruire trois Pokémon en même temps ainsi que de produire une puissante équipe de ferraille est extrêmement perceptible. Cela coïncide avec les batailles de rotation, mais vous pouvez facilement faire tourner des animaux époustouflants pour améliorer vos possibilités de combat. Parfaitement, le jeu a été considérablement amélioré par rapport aux diamants et aux perles avec de nombreuses nouvelles questions secondaires et de nouveaux mini-jeux. Les jeux Pokemon ont toujours été si accoutumants et le noir et blanc a établi un tout nouveau critère pour Junichi Masuda et son groupe.

Nouveau Super Mario Bros

Alors que Nintendo fait passer le jeu Mario 3D au niveau supérieur, il perd son aventure parallèle traditionnelle. Lorsque le nouveau Super Mario Bruce est sorti en 2006, il n’y a pas eu de jeux secondaires majeurs depuis Super Mario World en 1990. Une fois que vous aurez atteint les niveaux habilement créés du jeu et découvert de nouveaux bonus amusants, vous l’oublierez. Ceux-ci incluent les méga-champignons, qui augmentent la quantité de marijuana et détruisent tout ce qui entre en contact avec elle, et les mini-champignons, qui sont nécessaires pour réduire la quantité de marijuana à un certain niveau. C’est un grand retour à la forme populaire de plomberie, qui s’est vendue à plus de 30 millions d’exemplaires.

Pokémon de conquête

La décision de Nintendo de combiner la populaire série Pokemon Koei Tekmo avec la série Nobunaga Ambition est essentielle pour comprendre à quel point les stratégies Koei sont populaires au Japon. Bien que certains soient déçus qu’il n’y ait que 649 Pokémon et que la plupart de ces mouvements spéciaux soient manquants, il n’y a rien de mal avec les mécanismes de combat utilisés, quelle que soit la puissance ou l’esprit de l’équilibre initial de la plupart des batailles du jeu. … Comme pour les meilleurs crossovers, il s’appuie sur les éléments de base des deux jeux, mais n’a pas peur de créer sa propre personnalité lorsque vous explorez la belle campagne de Lance avec le fidèle Evoli.

La légende de Zelda Phantom Haglass

Fait intéressant, bien que Zelda DS Adventure reste une version intéressante en soi, elle n’est pas tout à fait à la hauteur de la réputation de son prédécesseur, Boy Games. Mieux que Spiritual Tracks parce que cela ressemble à beaucoup d’utilisation de l’écran tactile et j’aime la façon dont vous devez revenir en arrière et explorer de grands recoins plutôt que de vous battre dans de petites pièces comme les autres jeux Zelda. … Le verre de la montre Phantom a également fière allure et conserve l’abat-jour unique de la cellule de vent et la forme mécaniquement riche, ce qui permet l’utilisation de nouveaux matériaux. Le nom Phantom Horroglass offre une façon unique d’explorer le monde des jeux animés.